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We aspire to elevate people of colour through learning and development, while providing a supportive network.

Our aim is to provide an empowering nationwide network, supporting our members to reach their potential in the workplace. 

We care passionately about propelling diversity to the top of the workplace agenda, in order that people of colour may feel confident, visible and heard.

As an inclusive network, we also recognise the importance of intersectional factors upon equality in the workplace, including gender, disability and social class. 

Through working together to elevate one another, we aim to overcome these barriers and allow all people of colour to flourish within the data industry and beyond. 




Sadiqah Musa

Senior Analytics Manager, Founder and CEO of Black in Data.

Devina Nembhard

Analytics Manager, Co-founder, Director Of Talent Nurturing.

Aisha Sanusi Badamasi

Software Engineer, Chief Technology Officer of Black in Data.

Kim-Yen Nguyen

Senior Data Analyst, Director Of Mentoring.

Nina Nduwayo

Data Scientist, Director Of Outreach

Dr Evalyne Muiruri

Data Scientist, Lead Content Writer.