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WHAT IS DOCKER AND WHY IS IT USEFUL? By Ayoola Olafenwa  Linkedin Docker is a tool that is used to combine a software application code and its dependencies as a single package, that can run independently in any computer’s environment. Docker is a very useful DevOps… Read More »Docker In Pieces

Docker In Pieces

    INTRODUCTION TO DATA MINING By Adesile Ajisafe, PhD CEng MIMechE Linkedin In today’s data-driven world where an enormous amount of data is available in different industries and organisations. The availability of huge quantity of data is of no use unless it is transformed into valuable… Read More »Introduction to Data Mining

    Introduction to Data Mining

      TYPES OF DATA ANALYSIS By Adesile Ajisafe, PhD CEng MIMechE Linkedin At its core, data analytics is about answering questions and making decisions. And just as there are different types of questions, there are also different types of data analytics depending on what you are… Read More »Types of Data Analysis

      Types of Data Analysis