ExcEllEncE Through MEntoring

87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence.

At Black in Data, we believe mentoring to be a catalyst for both personal and career development, it is a relationship like no other!

Our 3 month mentoring programme is open to everyone within the network. It offers mentors and mentees the freedom to direct their own mentoring journey with the support of BiD team. 

BiD also offers a reverse mentoring programme that connects People of Colour with Senior Leadership Teams. This programme gives senior managers and decision makers the opportunity to listen and learn from the experiences of People of Colour.

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Join our mentoring program as a mentee to gain career guidance, learn from other data professionals, build on your skills and be empowered. 




Join our mentoring program as a mentor to share your experiences, listen,  guide and empower your mentees career goals.

Build Confidence

Our mentors give the mentees gentle encouragement and practical tips on how to build confidence. 

Define Goals

Goals are clearly defined and reviewed throughout the mentoring journey.

Inspire Each Other

A mutually beneficial experience for all. 


Are you looking to take action on your career goals?



Are you looking to help others learn and progress in their careers?



Would your organisation like to partner with us on the mentoring programme?