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Black in Data is a collaborative movement for people of colour, striving to promote equality of opportunity and representation within the data industry.

Our Services


BiD  offers a reverse mentoring programme that connects People of Colour with Senior Leadership Teams. This programme gives senior managers and decision makers the opportunity to listen and learn from the experiences of People of Colour.


Black in Data connects you to organisations that are welcoming and accepting of your individuality.

Teens in Data

Teens in Data is a program designed for young adults between the ages of 16 -18 who are interested in exploring a career in data. Our goal is to excite, challenge and inspire them to explore the data industry and consider pursuing careers in this field.


Training is an integral part of development in data. Hence, the reason we at Black in Data see training as central not just to the acquisition of new skills but as bedrock to career progression.

Our Reach

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Our Partners