ProgREssion by tRAiNing

Training is an integral part of development in data. Hence, the reason we at Black in Data see training as central not just to the acquisition of new skills but as bedrock to career progression.

We offer a combination of technical and soft skills training. A combination of both will give budding data professionals the skill set they need to build and excel in their data career. 

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TEchNicAL Training

Whilst trying to break into the data industry, your biggest asset will be a logical mind.

This helps in understanding the story the data is telling you. An essential requirement will be to be able to manipulate data first.

We in BiD, offer a Data Analysis course for those in the early stages of their career. For those further along, we have curated a Data Science course which will allow you to make the move into the more technical world.


We understand that often the difference between a good Data Analyst or Scientist and a great one tends to lie in effective communication with colleagues and seamlessly navigating the workplace. We offer courses to help you build those beneficial skills you need to stand out at work. 

Black in data training