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ProgREssion by tRAiNing


Training is an integral part of development in data. Hence, the reason we at Black in Data see training as central not just to the acquisition of new skills but as bedrock to career progression.

We offer a combination of technical and soft skills training. A combination of both will give budding data professionals the skill set they need to build and excel in their data career. 

We have partnered with Code Verse to bring training and job opportunities to our members who are hoping to launch a career in the data industry.

Successful candidates undertake 6-8 weeks of training in technical and professional skills to equip them with the expertise needed to succeed working in corporate environments. 

After the training, they complete a 6-12 month placement with either one of Black in Data or Code Verses’ partners. During this time, they receive further training to build on the skills they have learnt and continued support from Black in Data. After the placement, they will have the option to transition into permanent employment.


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  • During our technology training programme, you will gain an in-depth understanding of their chosen discipline.
  • A fantastic working environment with an ethos of continuous learning & improvement
  • Support, mentorship, and a learning pathway based around your individual skill set to ensure your wellbeing whilst onsite and ultimately success!
  • Competitive salary plus some great benefits as you progress through your career.



  • Highly enthusiastic individuals with a passion for technology and data and curiosity to learn new skills
  • Exposure/Experience of your chosen discipline with keen interest in building a career in the industry
  • Great communication, both written and verbal
  • The right to work in the UK

Black in data training


I am contracted with Cognizant as a PowerBI developer. We are currently contracted to an AI
healthcare consultancy called Sensyne, to improve their HR systems. This project involves building new dashboards for their HR department, by using PowerBI and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Work on this whole project is remote, plus I have the added perk of working on a Microsoft Surface company laptop with the arc mouse too.
Prior to starting this role, I was on an intensive training program, delivered on Teams by certified Microsoft trainers in India. This was to enhance my skills in PowerBI and d365. Me being inducted into this role, is all due to Black in Data’s partnership with Coding Untapped. After applying for the role on Black in Data’s website and being successful, Coding Untapped took it from there in terms of arranging my contract and the rest is history.

-Benjamin Pitter-Fagan


I am under contract with Cognizant as a ServiceNow Developer. Cognizant and NHS Digital are working together in order to replace the current ITSM toolsets with a single instance of ServiceNow. My role involves working on prioritised stories (manageable pieces of work that needs to be done to makeup the whole project) to be completed in a release. Preceding this role was a 5-Day intensive instructor-led training session in ServiceNow Administration, delivered on teams by a certified ServiceNow trainer based in India. This was to help me understand what ServiceNow is all about as I totally had no prior knowledge of ServiceNow. To be honest, I had never heard of the ServiceNow tool prior to getting this opportunity because I came from a Data Science and Computer Science academic background where I only used tools such as R, Python, Tableau, SQL, C++, etc.  This opportunity came about as a result of my performance during the Python Bootcamp organised in honour of Black History Month in 2021 by Code Untapped (now known as Codeverse) and Cognizant. The bootcamp was actually brought to my knowledge by Black in Data and I am immensely grateful to them for this opportunity. After the bootcamp ended, Codeverse secured the present contract role with Cognizant and what happened next is well-known. I owe Black in Data, CodeVerse and Cognizant my profound appreciation for making my dreams come true.

-Goodness Ngodigha